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New ways to shop! November 21, 2015 21:45

Beside shopping in the store, you ca buy on Facebook, Pintrest and now you can login using your Amazon account!!!!!

Be sure to check out the Holiday Sale! 20% off all orders until December 15th!

Overstocked with Timber Candles August 06, 2015 15:08 1 Comment

I have way too many Timber Tapers on hand in almost every color! I also have various sizes of Timber Candles in many popular colors. Please contact the store e-mail if you have questions regarding sizes and colors. I need to reduce my stock to add new, and also Holiday items.

The prices are 50% or more on all the overstock. Just let me know what you may be interested in.


Easier Navigation August 03, 2015 11:04

It has been a challenge to get the store to the point where navigation is user friendly and items easily found. I believe I have finally achieved this. Please let me know if you have any suggestions.

Posts August 03, 2015 11:04

I appreciate constrictive comment, but personal attacks are unwarranted. Please be respectful! I don't post articles every day because I am busy filling orders and shipping. I also am in the process of writing a book and taking care of my home. I will try to write more often.

Timber Candles over stock July 28, 2015 11:04

I have an over abundance of Timber Candles and Timber Tappers in many colors, some discontinued. I also have several sizes. I need to make room for new stock, so will offer these at a 75% discount. Let me know if you are interested, and sizes or tapers. I can tell you what colors I have. E-mail me with any questions.  I have way to many and no room for new stock, Help me out and save money on these beautiful candles.

New in Love of Fairies July 12, 2015 20:19

Just added a bunch of new items in "Love of Fairies. New  Fairies, Houses and some adorable accessories, even little ponds with pumps! You just have to check them out and let me know what you think.

Can't believe it's already mid July...I want Summer to last want into September! I am enjoying the warm weather, but tired of this rain!

Happy 4th and take advantageof the 20% discount on orders of $100 or more. July 12, 2015 20:13

I have a discount for customers of 20% off orders of $100 or more. Great savings on large purchases!

Hello June 02, 2015 16:28

This Spring sure has been a strange one, what with rain here, flooding down south and it is making it really difficult to work outside. I have been putting in raised garden beds, but we have only been able to build in between raindrops. I have starts planted so hopefully once the beds are built and the sandy loam arrives, they will be big enough to transplant. I have gotten some really cool ideas from Pintrest for building a fountain and of course my Fairy garden. I found some solar Fairy lights to have fun with too. I am praying for some sunny days so I can get busy. I am sure my Customers who have purchased Fairy houses and Fairies are as excited as I am! I hope my Customers have not been effected by the terrible flooding, and pray for those who have suffered losing homes and loved ones.

Fun ideas April 23, 2015 17:26

When you visit be sure to check out all the cool ideas on my Pintrest page. There are great gardening ideas and some fabulous uses for pallets, fashion, recipes, and several other boards worth checking out, Also when you check out after a purchase be sure and review the items for me. Your comments are valuable.



Spring is Springing April 10, 2015 12:47

There are so many ideas for Spring both in the home and out in the garden. Spring is a sign of renewal so is the perfect time to have Spring come inside. Change pillows and bedding to reflect the season. Add new pieces to your lawn furniture or decorate a sunny room with wicker tables and chairs or couches. Plant a new garden of perennials in large pots or check out our Pintrest page for garden design ideas. Of course adding fairies to your garden add a magical touch that every age will love. Have a wonderful Spring!

Your Garden and Outdoor Decor March 24, 2015 19:02

It is soon time for Spring and gardening, also it's the perfect time to redecorate your porch, deck or sunroom! Fairy Gardens are very popular and you can find many ideas on our Pintrest page. Wicker furniture can be bought anywhere, but is usually not wicker but is made of resin and will not stand up over time. Why not purchase real hand woven wicker that will last a lifetime. We offer a wide variety of styles and they all come in 15 different color choices. Add a table and chairs or a grouping with settee for relaxing or entertaining!

All New Collection of Fairies February 17, 2015 14:51

Check out the new Collection in For Love of Fairies and Secret Garden. Spring is coming fast and there are so many cool ideas to make gardens special. Also check out our Pintrest  for tons of ideas. You can also comment on our Facebook page and of course blogs are always welcome.

We welcome comments February 09, 2015 11:24

We welcome comments regarding products, collections and positive feedback regarding the web store. Please be considerate and not rude. Thank you

new product collections February 07, 2015 09:51

I hope all who have viewed the store are pleased with the products available. Please visit the store and make any comments on Facebook. I welcome suggestions also.Please click like if you are pleased with the store. Thank you



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