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Herbs, botanicals, teas and accessories. A Minimum order of $30 for herbs and teas  due to shipping costs. The items costs will be as low as possible to benefit the consumer. Customers are always first with Bear Essentials!

Whoever loves to cook but has difficulty finding spices, salts, peppers etc. Whether a true Gourmet, or adventurous fledgling cook finding spices in stores is not easy and often costly. Most over the counter spices are old and lack the flavor of fresh organic varieties. Here you will find common spices as well as those hard to find ones and not in tiny jars but in bulk that can be sealed in jars until needed. You will also find grinders, sprouting seeds clays and even Henna's.

Bear Essentials Offers   an extensive array of organic teas, loose leaf teas and herbal tea blends. Purchased from growers around the world, Starwest teas are the finest in quality, taste, and aroma. Our loose leaf teas include organic herbal and flavored teas You can also choose beeswax, bath salts, cinnamon sticks and quality culinary bags for teas, bath salts and herb baths. We are proud to support “Fair Trade” – ecologically conscious and responsible farmers around the world – by offering many of their great-tasting teas. Rest assured - you're getting the best. Starwest has  been sourcing quality herbs, spices and other natural products worldwide, since 1975.

Certified Organic products are grown and harvested without the use of toxic and persistent pesticides, and fertilizers, and offer a more sustainable option for feeding ourselves and our communities. Organic farming practices have many environmental, health, and social benefits. Sustainable organic farming can produce crops without depleting our earth’s resources or polluting the environment. Organic farms can even support higher levels of wildlife; and entire ecosystems and ground water are improved by following organic farming methods. By using organic products which are cultivated in a more sustainable way we can also help maintain biodiversity.

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