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Here you will discover wonderful varieties of Salts from all around the world. Most Organic Salts are not iodized. They add intricate and interesting flavors for the culinary delight of any cook. Each of the Salts come either whole or ground in 1 lb. packages. Cypress Sea Salt Flakes  origin:Cypress/ Alaea origin:USA/ Himalayan Pink origin Pakistan/ Kosher Sea Salt origin South Korea/Pacific Sea Salt origin Australia/Yakima® Smoked Sea Salt USA and Sel Gris Sea Salt  origin France

Sea Salts usually do not contain Iodine!

Salt has been used since ancient times for food seasonings and preservation. Modern day table salt, however, bears little resemblance to its predecessor. Heavily processed and refined, table salt provides less nutritional value than more naturally derived salts, such as our sea salt and natural mineral salts.

Sea salt, sometimes known as bay salt, is harvested by evaporating seawater. Production is prevalent in the warmer regions of the Mediterranean. Sea salt is courser than table salt, lending a different texture to dishes when used for food seasonings. The flavor is also quite distinctive. As such, it is often preferred for culinary use, and is available as a regular and organic salt.

Grey salt is a form of sea salt harvested off the coast of Brittany, France. This salt is harvested by the traditional method which uses wooden rakes rather than metal implements. As a result, no metallic taste is introduced and the salt retains a cleaner flavor. This variation is rich in trace minerals and available in both course or fine grind to suit individual tastes in food seasonings.

Natural mineral salt is mined from natural rock salt, unlike table salt which is processed from a saline solution. Because it is neither refined nor kiln-dried like table salt, it retains greater trace mineral content. Natural mineral salt is often used in bath salt mixes.    

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