Bee Pollen Granules (Oregon)

$ 31.00

Bee Pollen Granules from Oregon.

Bee pollen granules are carried by honeybees from flowers to their hives to provide the nutrients the colony needs to grow, develop and produce honey. Bee pollen is made up of approximately 24 percent protein, 27 percent carbohydrates composed of the natural sugars fructose and glucose, and only 5 percent fat. It also contains a rich blend of nutrients, which are thought to give bee pollen granules health-promoting qualities such as increasing energy, slowing aging and treating acne, depression, allergies, sore throat, indigestion and prostate disease. However, Health Canada notes these findings have not been scientifically proved, and bee pollen can cause adverse reactions. Consult your doctor before taking these bee pollen granules. 

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